Year 1 Trump report: Crazy or a member of the Club?

The big question at the end of Donald Trump’s first year in office is: Is he crazy or just typical of his social class? Anti-Trump forces constantly question his mental state in the hopes of provoking his cabinet into forcing him out via the 25th Amendment.

In this FRDH podcast, host Michael Goldfarb looks at whether Trump is crazy or is he just a typical country club kind of person. Are his words about shithole countries and immigrants any different than you would hear most Sundays at the country club?

Among people of a similar social caste and with the unwritten rules of any club – you can say what you like and it will not be repeated outside the four walls of the clubhouse – when the talk turns to politics men and women, can vent their opinions on matters of politics and foreign affairs and race and immigration.

The language used, will frequently be exactly the same as Trump uses.

The solutions for political, economic and international problems will be as simplistic, although perhaps not expressed as crudely as Trump expresses his views. But they will be expressed with the absolute certainty of people who have money.

In this FRDH Trump Year 1 anniversary podcast the focus is on understanding the President as a product of his class … not a madman.

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