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Mosul: ISIS Defeated But Is It Victory? - FRDH Podcast

In Mosul ISIS has been defeated but does it count as victory? America’s misadventure in Iraq shows that defeating your enemy on the battlefield is not the same as victory. ISIS defeated in Mosul but that won’t mean victory in Iraq’s second city, any more than the overthrow of Saddam Hussein meant victory there, or the killing of his sons in Mosul a few months later, or the frequent attempts by the US to buy off the networks funding insurgents of various stripes that are headquarted there.

How can you measure victory in Iraq? This FRDH podcast offers a personal definition of victory.

Mosul is a city that is well-known even if you are not aware of it. The opening sequence of the, The Exorcist, was filmed there. Mosul was called the Pearl of the North, in the old days. It was the envy of all Iraq. With sounds of battle recorded on site this podcast traces Mosul’s history since George W. Bush declared victory in 2003. This city was never pacified and now that ISIS has been defeated can it ever enjoy the blessings of victory. Listen to the podcast to find out how you will know when victory has been secured.

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