President Trump’s travel ban has now seen more than 100,000 people lose visas to travel to the US. In this FRDH special, Michael Goldfarb discusses the ban with Iranian, Syrian and Iraqi journalists who have long experience of living and working in the US.

Today, thanks to the Executive Order issued January 27th by President Donald Trump: “PROTECTING THE UNITED STATES FROM FOREIGN TERRORIST ENTRY INTO THE UNITED STATES” these three journalists cannot visit the country because Iran, Syria and Iraq are among the seven countries from which travel is banned.

In a wide ranging conversation, Mina al-Oraibi, columnist for Asharq al Awsat newspaper, Nazenin Ansari, managing editor of Kayhan London, the global Iranian newspaper, and Mustapha Kharkouti, columnist for Gulf New discuss frankly how the ban affects them and how it affects the people in their home countries.

All are veteran journalists, authors of FRDH, the First Rough Draft of History. All have long experience of living and reporting from America and all have been affected by the ban. Visas obtained and paid for legally have all been rendered useless. The trio reflect on the personal price to them, and the price the United States will pay in the long run for this policy. They question the Trump Administration’s obsession with Iran and look at the absurdity of its geo-political strategy. They discuss their views on Trump foreign policy in Syria and, finally, what long term effect the Trump Ban will have on people from a region in turmoil who look to America as a shining city on a hill.
In a conversation that is by turns thoughtful and passionate, these journalists speak truth to the new people in power in America. An FRDH podcast special an Iranian, a Syrian and an Iraqi sit in a radio studio to talk about Trump’s travel ban. Give us 48 minutes and we will give you the recent past as context for the present.

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