Berkeley: High Point Of The Revolution

This episode of FRDH is about Berkeley and the high point of the revolution of the 1960’s as host Michael Goldfarb remembers it. Revolution is a romantic word and a bloody practice.
This autumn “revolution” will be discussed a lot, as we mark the centenary of the Russian Revolution.
The word will also come into use as we move towards the 50th anniversary remembrances of 1968, the year of student revolution.
The University of California Berkeley, is where student revolution was effectively born in the US, during the Free Speech Movement. That was a movement of the left. Free Speech Week which may well spark a riot, is a movement of the right and it providing pundits the opportunity to note the irony that Berkeley, home of the Free Speech Movement, has become anti-Free Speech.
In this FRDH podcast Goldfarb recounts the story of the Free Speech Movement, the fight over People’s Park and recalls a memorable rally on Berkeley campus addressed by Herbert Marcuse and Angela Davis. He then describes a moment of calm in the intensity of the Sixties, a calm that he calls the High Point of the Revolution.

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